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Summer of Bids and Wins!

In the last couple months, CBS as a whole, hit a MEGA MILESTONE. We landed a few major deals this summer making it such a sizzling success. How sizzling you might ask? Well, let's say we were fired up and managed to set up 400+ machines in a matter of months! We don't usually share [...]

Great Customer Service is Key to Success

Here is a great story about the importance of customer service…just read it and you’ll know why. “Several years ago, a single problem customer changed the fate of my company. Here’s the story. In business, we’re often all about the numbers–occasionally to a fault. I’m not saying statistics and metrics aren’t useful tools. Sometimes, however, the [...]

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Saving Money on Hidden Print Costs: Document Life Cycle

In today’s business climate it makes sense to evaluate your cost of doing business, including hidden costs. Taking a look at a document life cycle, for instance, can reveal surprisingly obvious ways to affect that bottom line either by enhancing productivity, changing a mindset or even cutting costs by investing in technology that your competitors [...]

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