Blog by Tyson Johns

Let me first begin by saying, the event was held July 28th, 2011 and I can still taste the plethora of wonderful food in my mouth.   This event should be sold at a discount ticket price to all new Springfield residents as a, “Oh you want to know some good places to eat in the area you just moved to, well here you go…..the who’s who of dining experience and culinary art”   The event was held at the University Plaza Convention center which has done a fabulous job at renovating the space and caters very well to events of this nature.   The drinks were cold and the food was incredible and candidly that was not even the highlight of the night.   Now granted, the room was filled with amazing people and Pearl was playing on the main stage.  These things did indeed make the night fun and exciting and my date for the night made the room even glow that much more.  However, still not the reason I would recommend this event to every friend I have for next year.

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My hat goes off to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and all their amazing staff.   I attend several functions throughout the year and not only did this event appear to be a huge success but it was run extremely well in my eyes.   The level of organization and thought that went into this event was amazing and shined through with every detail.   It was very nice to see all the auction items that were donated, the key sponsors who stepped up to help in this amazing Big Brothers Big Sisters mission, Great Southern Bank for their “Event Cash Raffle” and all the generous participants who attended and purchased drinks and prizes.   Truthfully walking out of the event that night we discussed the entire way home, such great food, wonderful music, such a fun crowd and all for such an amazing cause…..we are definitely going back next year.