Last Friday, December 10th,  at our monthly Sales Meeting we dedicated most of the meeting to training our sales staff on the process we have developed with the help of the Print Management Solutions Group to help our customers and future customers with Managed Print Services (MPS).  Brian Peltier (CBS President), Greg Shaw (MPS Specialist) and I have all attended the 2 day training seminar for MPS conducted by the Print Management Solutions Group.  This training, provided by the industry leader, is very comprehensive and provides all the tools and concepts needed to develop and present a compelling MPS strategy for our customers and new prospects.

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The goal for last week’s meeting was to teach our entire staff the basics of the process so we can more effectively reach all of the organizations in our region that could benefit from an effective MPS strategy.  Goal accomplished!  We had a great meeting with great feedback and interest from our entire sales staff.  I think everyone left ready and ecstatic to hit the streets with an exciting new opportunity.

We will be conducting follow up training on December 23rd.  Each sales rep has been given a mock case study and will be asked to role play through our entire MPS process that we’ll call “Quick View”.  I look forward to seeing these presentations and working in the field with our sales reps to help customers learn the benefits of MPS.

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