Blog by Tyson Johns of Corporate Business Systems

This article is interpreted for the little guy and calling out every single upper level manager or decision maker that continues to harp, “Times are tough out there and we are continuing to cut costs that are affecting the bottomline in a last stitch effort to not have to lay off anyone else.”  Don’t get me wrong, in this economy I would be hypocritical if I said I don’t have this mentality as well.  However, I know what our business needs currently are, and it’s my attitude that I had better evaluate all viable options presented before I make any decision.

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I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had with colleagues, friends, etc. that have made this statement, “We are working on our budget, trying to cut costs as usual and we are looking at every process under a microscope, because we were told if things don’t get better layoffs are the alternative.”   So, being the great friend/colleague/business professional I am, I say, “Who handles your business’s copier equipment and have you ever heard of MPS (Managed Print Services)?”  I explain MPS to them and man are they excited-WOW-it sounds like the greatest thing since the dollar menu.  The next day in the office I just type up a quick email basically recapping what I spoke about the day before, “MFP and copier upgrades that save money and how MPS is currently saving our customers (large and small) 20% on average.  I also put in there a quick reminder that having someone come out and go over our current offerings with them is 100% free and takes very little time on their part.”

Week 1 goes by…week 2 goes by…..still waiting….week 3 and still no response.

I run into my colleague again and ask, “What happened?”  Their response, “Man we are just so busy with this budget and trying to eliminate excess costs.” (Picture me with a blank stare on my face and having that urge to reach out and shake my fellow business professional.) I mean how do you sleep at night? If it is my job to eliminate $X of costs in order to ensure every one of my employees has a job to come to tomorrow morning, how do you not take the time to look at something that on average is saving people 20% in costs? No really…(answer out loud to yourself)….how?

I think every board or management team needs a “Black Friday Shopper” on it, that way when it comes down to getting the same great product with the same great service but at a significant discount, we have someone qualified to go get the deal instead of being just too busy!