Everyone loves a superhero, right? Someone to swoop in at just the right time & save the day in sporty fashion? Normally we think of tough people with superpowers that save mankind from evil, but given most of us are average Joe’s & Jane’s–we probably don’t rip our work clothes off revealing our supersuit like Superman or Wonder Woman, running around the office fixing everyday problems. However, you can be the superhero of your office, by saving your coworkers & yourself aggravation by using Docuware.

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If you don’t know what Docuware is, you should, especially if you are in an office environment. For example, I am a Lease Assistant at Corporate Business Systems. I deal with a variety of lease documents daily, that we need to keep record of for current & future use.

We are able to scan documents into Docuware, storing them permanently, so we can access them at any time. Only authorized users can access these docs. They are listed in line items so I can see all the docs stored for a given customer. There are different columns that allow for sorting, say by a sales order number, the company name, what sales rep takes care of what customer, etc. This comes in handy if someone walks up to me & asks if I received a certain document, or what equipment was on a specific order, etc.

I can electronically share the docs when required, & not have to go find a file to do so. By pulling up a search box, I can enter some tidbit of info related to what I’m looking for, like a company name or what rep takes care of them, & it will produce results within moments I can look at to find my answer. I can view the docs in full with a view option, staple docs together if they’re related, & stamp them approved to show I’ve done my part of a workflow process, letting others know it’s their turn to do their part. I can print only the docs I need, reducing wasted copies & the cost associated, & cut time spent looking for docs & filing them away for later use. Since the docs are stored in our database, we reduce space taken up by filing cabinets.

While I am physically here at the office, we have a delivery driver that delivers machines to our customers & has them sign documentation that states we delivered their product. He has the customer sign an electronic tablet that stores the documentation I need to reference in Docuware. Even though I did not see this happen & was not there in person, I can still know it happened with a few keystrokes. This saves time for our delivery driver so he doesn’t have to bring me the docs, & it saves me from having to get them from him.

This allows for more productivity, reduced cost, more security, & overall a better bottomline for a business. Being environmentally conscientious, this allows for a smaller carbon footprint & less waste. Better customer service can be achieved by quicker service & processing of leases. (I bet knowing this your customers would recommend Docuware too!)

Whether you are in customer service, sales, accounting, HR, or any other field that requires documentation, storage, a workflow process involving multiple workers, any of the things I’ve listed, or you just want an easier, faster, better way to manage your work, you’ve found a ‘superhero’ in Docuware.

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