I have spent over 20 years working in the office equipment industry in various roles and for a few different companies.  Having spent this much time in the industry very little I see surprises me anymore.  There is one exception to this, it never ceases to amaze me that companies invest thousands of dollars on their office equipment and do not know all the capabilities of the systems they purchase or even the capabilities that would benefit their organization.   I am consistently surprised when I visit a customer’s office and discuss their current office equipment and the users are completely unaware of a feature of their system that would make the office more productive or efficient.

This should never happen to customers of Corporate Business Systems.  For the past 8 years we have had a full time Customer Support Representative (CSR) at Corporate Business Systems.  The role of this position is to make sure our customers fully understand all the capabilities of the copier, MFP, or mailing system.  Currently our CSR is Chanon Short and she does a fantastic job making sure our customers are taking advantage of the capabilities of their office equipment systems. Chanon is hand on with all of the systems we place in customer offices so she knows the systems inside and out.  Most often this happens at the time of initial installation.  Chanon schedules a time with your staff and spends as much time as necessary training your staff on how to take advantage of the features that will benefit your particular organization.  She takes the time to program the systems to make using advanced features easy to use. In addition, Chanon is available to help with follow up training after the initial placement to make sure new staff members are trained or to follow up to help with a project that may take some advanced features that have not been used before.


The goal for Corporate Business systems is simple.  Make sure CBS customers take full advantage of the technology they have invested in.  The best part about this is it costs the customer absolutely nothing.  In other words give the customer the most bang for the buck.