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Have you ever heard someone say, “I stopped watching the news, they never say anything good on there. It is always negative, seems like nothing good ever happens.” If your answer is no, stop reading this and get out of the house for the day.

I know there have been numerous studies about the value of employee morale and its impact on the bottom line. Putting that aside, I know for a fact I am more productive as a person and a worker when I am in a good mood. I come in to the office and the copier is jammed–Good Mood: I analyze the problem and fix it…Bad Mood: I wheel it out the back door into the field and reenact the movie “Office Space“. Do you agree?

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It just makes me wonder, how much is it costing me, my family and my company for the “Eeyore” like mood the news puts me in every morning before work and reiterates every night before I go to bed.

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I would love to see a TV segment, a newspaper publication, etc that was entitled The Glass is Half Full. That means no talking about the latest murder count, fatal crashes, Ponsi schemes, latest celebrity mistress count, etc.

Think about it, imagine you have woken up and all you hear in the media segment before you walk out the door is good news. Now I know that would take some serious getting used to at first, but think of the impact it could have. From a personal standpoint to the corporate bottom line, I think it could be huge!