Ahoy Matey! Or in a normal greeting, hello friend! What do you think of when you hear the word pirate? A thieving, probably rather unkempt individual, with poor grammar that lurks at sea, lying in wait to assail their victims, taking their loot for their own. Or maybe you think of a different type of pirate, one that attains software online unlawfully. Sound about right?

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Most people could guess that there are people out there that are looking to take advantage of them, whether as a business or as an individual. It is important to be aware of schemes that could be a problem for you, some of which are set up to be fairly unnoticeable, & catch companies off guard.

Some of our customers have been contacted by imposters, claiming to be us-even using our names! The frauds could be calling us, & just hanging on the phone long enough to hear us greet them using our names, & then hang up. They may call companies, pose as us, & ask them something such as ‘how many toner cartridges would you like for your copier/printer?’. Seems nice enough. Wrong! They ship toner cartridges out to these companies they call, & charge them astronomical prices for the product. If the company receiving the product doesn’t know it’s not Corporate Business Systems sending it, & they accept the merchandise, they may have to pay for it! The receiver has just been scammed, & may not even know it, unless they contact us before they accept the goods & we have the chance to tell them it wasn’t us that sent them.

Whether these frauds send you the right merchandise or not is only half the point, as they may charge you ridiculous fees for it also. Our prices for toner are usually about one tenth the amount these ‘toner pirates’ rob you for, & that’s just if you don’t have a maintenance contract with us that includes toner in your payments!

We do not call our customers to place toner orders; they call us when they need product. If we were to contact them, it would only be in relation to/after their prompting of us, such as to tell them a product is in stock if they were wanting to come to our office to pick the toner up, so they do not waste a trip if it were to not be in stock. We may also contact a customer to confirm a service call or info related to it, or for other reasons, but not for toner or supply orders. If you have received a call prompting an order for anything, please contact us to let us know about it. You can be proactive & do some things to help protect yourself & figure out quickly that a caller is a fraud, & not us:

* Ask the caller their name, position, the name of the company they work for, what phone number they can be reached at, what their email address is, & how they received your info. Write it down & keep record of it. This may come in handy later. Tell the person you are in the middle of something & you will call them back shortly & hang up. Call CBS to verify if you like, especially if a name of a CBS employee is used (currently our toner/parts/supplies rep is Rhonda).

* Besides the above, start asking questions about the machine the caller is referring to. They will either usually ‘hem-haw’ around because they don’t know the info, or they may make something up-verify the info so you can clarify it’s false. They may hang up on you because they know they’ve been caught.

* If they still sound legitimate after speaking with them, still decline the offer to place the order & call us if you need product. This will prevent you from being scammed, & is the normal procedure for CBS anyway.

It is sad to say, but companies can be taken advantage of if they’re not careful to pay attention to certain things. Unfortunately, this time of year is succeptible to hightened occurances of this nature, when everyone is overworked, busy, tired & distracted, especially given the holidays & long lists of errands. Some people are trusting of others & assume a situation is legit, however in this day & age you can never be too careful; it’s when you let your guard down that these cons will catch you & take full advantage. If you get a call such as this & are armed with knowledge of how to protect yourself, good for you, you’ve just busted a pirate trying to scam you & saved yourself what could be a very expensive problem!

If you need to contact us, we’re happy to help you-call us at 417-831-6400 or visit us online at www.corporatebusinesssystems.com.