This past year has been very exciting for all of us at Corporate Business Systems.  We achieved new sales records, including a $1,000,000+ order.  We opened our fourth location, and now have a rapidly growing operation in the NW Arkansas area.

Winning last year’s award was a huge milestone for us.  Certainly it was wonderful recognition, and also a great encouragement to all our valued associates.

I asked for input from our sales people on what this achievement meant to them personally… are some of the comments I received:

  1. “When I tell customers about our company, it is the first    point I make.”
  2. “In my opinion, no other award we have received has garnered as much respect from our current and potential customers.”
  3. “Curtis Strube was my advisor at Drury College, and CBS winning this award is one of the many reasons I came to work for CBS.  It speaks volumes about the class of the organization and its commitment to the community,” and lastly,
  4. “As we have met with folks in NW Arkansas for the first time, they are very impressed with our Small Business of the Year Award.  Even though NW Arkansas is a rapidly growing area with local pride, they still respect Springfield and business accomplishments of this caliber.”

Okay, enough about Corporate Business Systems!  We are very honored to have been this past year’s recipient, and are very grateful for what this award has meant to our company.

Quesenberry 5

I am both pleased and honored to pass the baton to this year’s winner of the 2011 Small Business of the Year Award to Ozarks Food Harvest.  Congratulations on this award.