Blog by Jerry Teal

What has happened to good old fashioned customer relations?  It seems that if you don’t tweet, show your face, get linked up or have your own home page you are missing out on business opportunities.  Getting left behind.

I like to think that if you get off your butt and go out and see clients, get involved in their concerns and show some empathy, that this puts you in front of the crowd.  Sorry, nothing beats a sales jockey that is staying in touch with you through personal contact.  Now I don’t run a business, but I treat my clients like they are my own and treat them like I would want to be treated.  One response that I get quite often, and is the best compliment I can ever receive from a client is “ thanks for keeping in touch and looking out for us.”


So if anyone that reads this would like to hear a tweet from me….is that how it works; or see my face on the other site,  doubt that as well,  rather than me being vigilant as to changing technology and costs, then let me know. You can log in to the Corporate Business Systems website and then send an email to me if you want to talk a little more.

I won’t call this my “blog”   how about my monthly rant?