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So you are looking for a new Digital Press? Well, you are in luck as there are many good choices today. However, making a good choice is not an easy task. Purchasing a new digital press is not an inexpensive decision.  A good solid business plan is a must for taking on such a large expense. There are many considerations to consider including electrical needs, floor space, output quality, paper handling, acquisition price, service, cost to operate, as well as ongoing training and support.

C901 Digital Press

It is true that digital printing has become a serious competitor to offset lithography. It has been coming clearer over the last year or so that the job lengths on digital presses are getting longer and the job lengths on offset are getting shorter. Average impressions per job on Digital Presses are now in the 2,000 to 4,000 sheet neighborhood. One of the major drawing points for new digital presses such as the Savin Pro C901 is the ease and speed of set up. All of you that are in the business know that you are looking at a set up time of at least 30 to 50 minutes to set up a four to five color press per job. There is a huge cost associated with the highly skilled labor that is required to set up these complicated presses let alone the plates, inks, and other chemical supplies.

I want to make myself clear that I do not believe nor does anyone in the industry that I know believe that High end off set presses or the highly skilled pressman is going away anytime soon. What I do believe is that if you are in the industry currently you either have a Digital Press or are looking to get one in the near future to compliment your fleet of offset equipment. There are many jobs in most commercial print shops that can be more cost effective and profitable on a quick set up digital press.

Let’s start the conversation about choosing a digital press. First you need to make sure that your new digital press will work with your current work flow software. You need to take a strong look at what company can properly support your new equipment as well as training on how to use your new piece of equipment. The skill set of your sales professional is also somewhat different from your run of the mill up and down the street copier salesman. Make sure your sales professional as well as the company you are looking at have experience with these high end digital solutions. Pick a local company such as Corporate Business Systems that has a strong presence in the production print environment.

You should be presented with more than one option as well as a good long term upgrade path on your new equipment. Make sure and research the level of equipment you currently need as well as what will be doing the job three, four, or five years from now. Digital presses range in price anywhere from $45,000 up to millions. Do not make the mistake of buying the cheapest option without looking down the road as far as what needs you will require. I would not even take seriously any sales rep or company that comes to the table with the perfect solution without even discussing your needs and business model.

Another very important detail is to give your top contenders plenty of time to be able to completely understand your current situation and future visions. It is very important that you the customer do not over or under buy and compromise you or your business. I cannot stress enough that you only deal with strong sound organizations such as Corporate Business Systems as well as tenured sales professional who can offer sound advice by taking that 100,000 foot view of your organization. After you have narrowed the field of potential business partners to buy from now and only now is it time to start the process of hardware considerations and available options.

In my next blog I will discuss our flag ship digital press, the Savin C901 and go over not only the feeds and speeds but also image color quality considerations as well as all finishing options that are available on the C901. Please remember that if you are a Quick Print, Commercial Print Shop, CRD, or an in house shop please give me and the rest of the team here at Corporate Business Systems a call to help you with your needs.

Cio for now