Blog by Larry Walker, Service Manager at Corporate Business Systems

In this day and age of people looking to profit from other peoples misfortunes, what can you do to make sure the information you are putting in your MFP devices are secure…

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Many options are available and they range from removing the HDD to installing a Data Overwrite Security System.

Many of the functional capabilities of the current MFPs and Printers are processed through the HDD. However, just like the hard disk in a PC, the latent image data remains as temporary data on the HDD within the MFP or printer after the completion of the job. Although this data is stored in a proprietary format, without securing access to the HDD, confidential information can be potentially retrieved and stolen. For customers who have the need to protect this temporary data remaining on the HDD, the DOSS unit will provide the solution.

The DOSS unit will erase the temporary data on the HDD by overwriting it after the completion of each job. With this automatic HDD-erase capability, random data is written over the hard disk areas where the temporary data has been stored. Newer DOSS units are drastically improved over the older units. With the newer units, the capability to overwrite any temporary data from the Scanner and Document Server function is now available. In the older units, the Scanner function and the Document Server function had to be deactivated, but with the newer units, these functions can coexist. DOSS Units cover almost all of the features required for securing the HDD.

In addition to the above improvements, the new DOSS Units provide a capability to overwrite all the data in the HDD (*) at one time. This function will address customer needs to erase all data in the machine before the machines are disposed or relocated.

Knowing that you have a security system that will protect your company’s info and that of your clients, will allow you to worry about the more important things during the day, like…where to go for lunch?

If you’d like to know more about how Corporate Business Systems can help protect you and your information please give us a call, we’d be happy to help.