Convert Scanned Documents to Your Kindle2 or Voice Files!ppdm

Tired of scanning documents at your copier only to have a TIF or PDF image file that you can do nothing with?  Wish you could convert all those PDFs already on your computer into searchable PDFs, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files? Or even convert them to view on your Kindle2 or make them into audio files? Well, Savin’s PPDM (Personal Paperless Document Manager) can do that, and a wholesheets lot more… and the best part? IT’S INCLUDED FREE WITH EVERY NEW SAVIN MFP! A one user license of PPDM is included free with every new Savin MFP.

For the professional on the go, PPDM easily converts your important hard copy or existing electronic files to formats that work on your “mobile” devices or in everyday Window’s applications. Some other key features include a fillable forms creator, redacting and highlighting text, and combine documents from different applications into one. Savin has taken the industry’s leading applications and seamlessly combined them into one powerful solution.

Don’t have a Savin? No worries! PPDM has a desktop install that requires you only have a computer that meets the minimum performance requirements.

  • Click (here) for the link to our quick video tutorial on PPDM.
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