Blog by Bruce Farner

Recently I joined Corporate Business Systems after spending almost 30 years in sales with several Fortune 500 companies.  I was amazed when they took me on a tour of the building to see all the technology they employ:  live mapped GPS tracking of each service tech, a large dedicated training room with a drop down screen, iPhones for the service reps to open/close calls and look at inventory, and a spectacular demo floor with both the Savin and Kyocera lines featured along with FM Audit, eCopy and Docuware.

It was obvious to see why they were selected as the 2010 Curtis Strube Small Business of the Year and have earned numerous Savin and Kyocera “Dealer of the Year” awards.  It appears to me that most of the profits are pumped back into the company having 3 Microsoft certified network engineers and a full-time Training Specialist on staff.Bruce Farner Blog 030711

In my mind, a full-time Training Specialist, like CBS has in Chanon Short, is a critical component to any bid or evaluation of other vendors due to the value they bring to the table.  In previous positions, sales and/or service reps were frequently pressed into facilitating the customer training at installation time.  Sales people are usually much better at creating proposals and following up than performing the actual user training and often times service reps are too technical and talk only about the “nuts and bolts” of the equipment.

How many times have you read your Owner’s Manual or Operator’s Guide cover-to-cover?  I have wished for someone to show me how to get the most out of my online tools, Excel for example, in a sales environment.  Just this week I witnessed the power of Excel that I never knew existed (and I have used the product for years) when a sales manager showed me what it could do.  When you become a MFP customer, our Training Specialist visits your organization and trains as many users as you would like on features such as Hold Print–where numerous documents are temporarily stored until you walk up and release them–or on the password-protected Lock Print for confidential documents. This training is free for as long as you are an active client, so if you change personnel or just need a refresher, we will ensure you are up to speed on the features you need most.

I’m just saying that good consistent training helps you get the most for your investment…