Scanning is nothing new but is rarely implemented and used to its full potential.  Most organizations like the thought of using their PC to find documents instead of fumbling through the file cabinet and hoping the file they are looking for is not sitting on someone’s desk.  If nothing else, they have a goal to implement scanning sooner or later for all the right reasons…It provides document safety in case of disaster, removes file cabinets and saves on costly square footage, prevents lost files, cuts document retrieval time, etc.

When the time comes to purchase their new Multi Function Product (MFP) they will likely end up with a system that can scan to file, email, ftp, etc.  That ability in itself is very handy and for most organizations, they will simply use the system for just that.  The occasional document gets scanned here and there.  Some will scan everything to one folder on their network which every person in the office accesses.  This scenario creates a bloated and unorganized file folder that rarely gets cleaned out.  Far too infrequently do we see a scanning solution used to its full potential!  Scanning can create a very positive impact on the day to day operations.

Today’s manufacturers are addressing this by providing more solutions that interact with the MFP.  For example, Savin Corporation has a middleware called DigiDocFlow made specifically for their MFP’s by software manufacturer Nuance.  This is a very reasonably priced “middleware” that is intended to reside on a pc or server and has constant bi-directional communication with the MFP.  DigiDocFlow routes and processes the scanned images from the Savin MFP and performs predefined actions so that this document is easy to retrieve and is placed in the correct folder on your pc, server or even email.

Let’s say I am a law firm and have just accepted a new client “CBS”.  Typically I would have created a folder for them to place in my file cabinet and within that folder I would reference each individual case.  My scanning process would act the same way.  A folder is created on your file server or pc labeled “clients” and it will contain subfolders like “CBS”.  The “CBS” folder will also contain subfolders referencing “Matter 001, Matter 002, etc”.

DigiDocFlowThe combination of the Savin MFP with DigiDocFlow allows the end user to log into the copier, see a list of predetermined scanning procedures of which “Client” is one.  The end user simply highlights the “Client” button, places their documents in the MFP’s scanner and presses start.  The MFP scans the documents and sends them to DigiDocFlow which will de-skew, de-speckle, remove blank pages, bate stamp it, OCR the pages into Microsoft Word format, name the document and then send it to the correct folder for easy retrieval at a later time.

In this case, “CBS” was the new client and no folder had been created on the network for them.  DigiDocFlow  will go into the “Clients” folder on the network, create a new folder called “CBS” and then a subfolder called “Matter 001” and place the newly scanned documents in that final folder.  This software can even link directly to your CRM or ERP so when you are at the MFP scanning your originals you are able to browse a list of existing clients and attach the documents to those existing clients.  Very powerful and very reasonable!

This streamlined process is one of many available with Corporate Business Systems.  If you find yourself considering, wishing, postponing a workflow improvement that involves scanning you should call us.  We can help you take that next step.