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The first most likely answer would be to contract with a service provider that has a reputation for excellence. While this is a good start, it is only a partial answer. The most effective service includes active customer involvement with the service team. Here are a couple of scenarios of how a service call could play out, given this thought:

Scenario 1

You call your service team & explain that your equipment is broken & the machine shows a ‘call for service’ message. The tech arrives, looks at the equipment, & sees a note attached to the machine stating that it is broken. The tech discovers the machine has a message for service, along with an error code. The code indicates a failing part or area, & it does indeed need a part. It is not a part normally kept in stock, so the tech orders & obtains the part. Then when the return trip is made, the tech replaces the part & the equipment is operational again. The service call is closed & you are back in business.

Scenario 2

You call your service team & report your equipment has failed, with your machine showing a ‘call for service’ message & the error code is ‘XXX’. Both the message & the error code are given to the service team when the call for service is placed. The tech calls you, verifies the code & looks it up. The code identifies a part that is likely failing. Seeing that part is not in inventory, but it is in the office or with another tech, arrangement is made to acquire the part first. The tech arrives at your location, visits with you & finds in addition that a function such as duplex has also been having issues. The part is replaced & the equipment is functional again. The tech looks over the duplex area for routine things that can be wrong with it. Most equipment can generate service logs that show codes that may indicate other parts or areas that have a potential to fail in the near future, & the tech can reference this. Service history is also checked as to the age of maintenance components nearing the end of their life. Other parts or areas needing to be replaced are, either then or at a later designated time dependent upon availability.

In both scenarios, the equipment is repaired & running again. In the latter scenario, the calls that would have been placed at a later time due to the duplex issue & worn maintenance parts are avoided. Multiple interruptions have been avoided providing less down time & frustration for you.

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As one can see, the involvement of a customer or designated key operator can add greatly to the quality of service. We like to say ‘work smarter, not harder’. At CBS, we take pride in developing a good working relationship with our customers because we know that it brings out the best in us. You may like us alright, but let’s be honest, when it comes to service, you’d rather not see us…right?