Janet Akers of CBSWhen Janet Akers walked through my doors three years ago and explained her plans to move to the Branson area and her 20+ years experience in the office equipment industry, it was like manna falling from Heaven. What I did not fully realize was her plan wasn’t just to make a good living being closer to her immediate family; it was to quickly make the greater Branson area her home and family. We shook hands and off she went with her faithful canine companion Zoom (see what I mean?) by her side.

Branson’s business community has seen quite a few “quick hitter” sales reps calling on them over the years as Branson’s impressive growth continues making headlines. Over-promising and under-delivering was, and still is, the norm. Janet believes giving back to the communities she serves is as important as never giving up. Building strong relationships within the business and charitable communities has allowed her list of achievements to be nothing but impressive and anything but the norm:

Ø  Board of Directors for the Branson-Hollister Rotary Club

Ø  Start up of new Rotary Club in Hollister, MO

Ø  Counselor/mentor for outbound student in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program

Ø  Board of Directors for the Hollister Chamber of Commerce

Ø  Ambassador for the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce

Ø  Leader in Branson BNI Group

Ø  City of Branson “Adopt a Street” Program

These organizations and efforts bring a unique perspective to her solutions and leverage-able resources that assist her clients solve their document and business process problems with Corporate Business Systems’ MPS (Managed Print Services) program.

When noCBS Sales Rep Janet Akers dog Zoomt working solving these issues, she is busy with Zoom cleaning up the streets of Branson through her work as an “Adopt-A-Highway” Volunteer and making time to mentor young women in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.


This is not news to a majority of Branson’s business community. However, if it is to you, and you have a need Janet can assist you with, give her a call, email her here, or contact her through our website. On the other hand, better yet, try tracking her down around Branson in her white truck with the CBS logo on it or look for Zoom’s orange vest on one of Branson’s scenic highways! Janet will be close by!