Blog by Rick Byrd of Corporate Business Systems

Have you ever had the experience of looking for something that you knew was there but just couldn’t find it anywhere? This is the experience that most service techs find themselves in several times a day.

We as service techs walk into a place of business, any business, could even be your business to be greeted by a very pleasant receptionist. She guides me back through the halls to where the multifunctional device (copier) sets. She says she will have the person who is having the problem come by and explain the problem.

Copier Service

I start my routine of cleaning the copier, rollers, belts and glass when a person comes up and explains that it’s folding the corner of the pages. I ask them to show me what they were doing when it started. They start making copies and the office equipment works perfectly. I, as the service tech, know that there is or was a real problem. Customers don’t call me to come by just to see my smiling face. So half an hour later, taking the copier completely apart and reassembling it just to find everything in perfect working order. So, here I am looking for the needle in the haystack.

But in defense of our customers, I have to remember that I am a customer also. I am the owner of a pickup truck whose make, model and year is not important. I purchased the truck new and probably drive it maybe 4000 miles a year, just to have a check engine light appear on the dash. So I do like my customers and call the dealer to set an appointment to have it checked. After half a day of testing, troubleshooting and clearing codes, the tech comes out to say they couldn’t reproduce the problem. Three trips later and still no answer to why it keeps popping the code.  I’ve learned how to work around the problem to keep it from throwing the code.

So the bottom line of this whole story is sometimes the needle wins and sometimes the tech wins. It’s all in a days’ work and by working together we can make all of our jobs easier.