Blog by Ray Blevins of Corporate Business Systems

Often customers fail to take advantage of technology that can save them money. Specifically, this reference is about user authorization codes. These can be implemented by departments, individuals, or both. If each department is aware of their print or copy cost being monitored, often they will rethink whether they actually need a hard copy or copies. When individuals know their usage is monitored, they will be more careful about personal copy use.

Do you have a color printer? Does everyone need to print in color? You can authorize only those who have a need.

Lest one thinks personal abuse is rare, from personal experience in schools and businesses, the last items found jammed have been church bulletins, flyers for personal cosmetics businesses, and yard sale posters. Some of this abuse can also be prevented by establishing a personal cost for copies or prints that is equivalent of your company’s cost per copy including paper. When people know you expect personal copies to be paid for, they really are more inclined to pay for them.

office equipmentLastly, actually review usage by users and departments, and occasionally change the user codes to deter people from using others codes.