Blog by Brian Findley

Did you know that Corporate Business Systems also specializes in Savin technology that has MICR check writing abilities?  Yes, Ricoh Corporation has a specialist that does strictly just that.  He takes Savin printers, several different sizes, speeds, and models, and redesigns them to handle the specialized ink that is only found in MICR check printers.  Rosetta Technologies also specializes in that same aspect for customers that need high pressure sealers and folding machines.  Some Companies are using this MICR printer to print checks, then turn around and using a even more specialized check paper that goes into a Pressure Sealer that when it’s done, becomes a sealed finished product that can be mailed out to customers, prospective clients, or vendors. Again, they carry a couple of product lines such as Formax and PSMailers in the pressure sealing line.  The really cool thing is many organization use this technology together, in tandem, to print their checks, using software to address them, then it moves through the pressure sealer (with specialized forms for sealing) so that when the process is complete, the item can be mailed out to whomever it needs to be.  The price on these items is actually fairly reasonable too, and Rosetta Technologies offers to assist in the installation, service, and help when a customer purchases from them.  The best news is that, because they are a Ricoh affiliated dealer, we work directly with them and are both familiar with our product line of printers.  There are other printers that have MICR technology, such as HP and Lexmark, but the cost and efficiency of our Savin / Ricoh line is hard to beat.  Coupled with the fact that we, CBS, can offer service and supplies on this equipment too, it’s a win win for everyone involved. Findley050211Findley050211(2)








If this is something you have thought about, or are considering, ask your sales representative for more information.  Have a great day.