This Video is of Scott Sorrell who works for My Father’s World in Rolla Missouri briefly discussing the relationship that Scott and I have attained from years of doing business together. Six years ago I met with David Hazell and Scott Sorrell and discussed their current printing expenditures. At that time they were outsourcing 99% of their printing with print shops and were spending over $250,000.00 per year. After a lengthy investigation we started taking baby steps to bring some of the outsourced printing in house to give more control of their printing as well as reduce costs.

They purchased their first mid-sized color MFP 6 years ago and have grown to two large Color Production units, one large black and white production unit,  and two mid-sized color MFP units. They now are doing 99% of their production printing in house and have saved thousands of dollars as well as are able to print on demand documents.   Currently they are running over 13 million documents per year on these production Savin devices.


We were having a good time during the filming of this video which I believe you can see on Scott’s expressions during the taping. He does make the mention about the great customer service that I have been providing them for over the past six years. I really believe 100% that we at Corporate Business Systems do provide outstanding customer service that can be matched by no one in our industry.

One of my favorite comparisons to use is to compare our industry to the banking industry. We both have similar products to our competition, we both are within 5% on price most of the time to our competition. The only thing that leaves for us to differentiate ourselves from our competition is with superior customer service.

I have been in this area servicing and selling copiers, printers, Scanners, Mailing Equipment, Paper Shredders, Document management Solutions, as well as Managed Print Services for over 16 years. I love what I do and I love building long lasting relationships and doing everything I can to keep my customers and myself profitable and more productive. Like any good partnership if things are done right both partners have great results. I want to end by saying how much I appreciate Scott saying what he did about me in this video. We met six years ago and started out our working relationship that not only continues today as a great working partnership for both of us but also as good personal friends.