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Over Thanksgiving I realized, like so many others, I have so much to be thankful for. I was so blessed to have both of my children home. We enjoyed each other’s company and had a wonderful meal. Since the kids were home for four days, it meant we had to go ‘Black Friday’ shopping. So, like many others we made our plans of when and where to go.

In all of our planning my daughter speaks up and says we have to go by one of the better known jewelry shops in town to have her wedding ring cleaned and inspected for routine maintenance. I spoke up and asked “do we have to do it now?” To my surprise she informed me that her ring came with a warranty that covered any damage to her ring as long as she has it cleaned and inspected every six months. WOW! That got me to thinking while we were waiting on her to have her ring checked; she realized that there is value in having this service performed.

When I purchased my last vehicle the dealership informed me that if I had my routine maintenance (oil change, tire rotation and etc) performed by their service department, at trade in time they would give me an extra amount for keeping this up on the vehicle. WOW! Everyone who drives a car knows the importance of changing the oil and if you don’t the oil turns to sludge and sludge does not liberate the engine. This causes the bearings to dry out, and friction to wear them out. The bottom line is your valuable automobile is now worthless.

Then I thought about the copier world that I work in and the importance of routine maintenance. As a service tech I see an endless number of copiers, day in and day out, and I can tell in the first few minutes of servicing if a copier has had it performed or not.

The same principle applies in the copier world. A laser copier uses developer to apply toner to the printed page. The developer has a usage life just like oil in your car, when the developer has met its life expectancy, you will start seeing dusting and backgrounding on your copies. There are other items in your copier that need routine maintenance like the fuser. The fuser generates a large amount of heat that fuses the toner to the paper. This heat over a period of time dries out the bearings and bushings that keep the rollers turning. The drum is another item that needs to be changed on a routine schedule. The drum is made of photo organic material that over a period of time wears out and needs to be replaced regularly.

In conclusion, if you’re contemplating purchasing a copier or already own one, please realize that just like your automobile, routine maintenance must be performed because it will save you money and time…and possibly keep you from pulling your hair out!

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