Four years ago this month we moved into this state of the art facility, right before that, we wrote our  core beliefs and vision statement.

One of those is community.  It reads as follows:  COMMUNITY ~ We build key relationships by supporting our community through our donation of time, money, and resources.

Today I would like to spotlight some of those companies that we do donate our time, money and resources to and that we get such a tremendous return on our investment.  Just click on their logos to find out all about them.

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Developmental Center of the Ozarks

Boys and Girls Club of Springfield, MO

American Red Cross

Corporate Business Systems not only talks about service, we live it.  We do this by not only contributing to our community but by giving our customers the very best in customer service.  If you are going to talk the talk then you need to walk the walk and we do both.

Service to the community and service to our customers they both serve equal value.  We would love to show you just what we bring to the table.  We offer quality professionals every step of the way.  We offer customer service before, during and after the sale.

We partner with industry leaders to make sure we can provide you the very best.  Leaders such as Savin, Kyocera, FP, and Docuware.

We want to be your total service provider.  Let us show you that we are worthy of not only your business but of your trust.