Corporate Business Systems NW Arkansas attended an expo on Friday, May 6th.  At the expo there was an illustration used that really brought to the forefront one of our core beliefs.

The Mayor of Fayetteville AR used the analogy of a hand with the workplace.  Each finger represents someone in your office/workplace and each one can operate separately; however, when you make a fist, it brings them all together and creates a stronger force than each on its own.

Working together is stronger than working alone.

We really believe in that concept here at Corporate Business Systems.  Our core belief reads as follows:

Teamwork – We accomplish more by working together.


It sounds simple enough but in order for it to work properly you really have to care more about getting the job done than you do about who gets the credit.  You have to realize that at the end of the day what really mattered is if the customers are happy and that they are out there telling everyone they come in contact with how much they like CBS and how we really take pride in taking care of them.

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More, not just a belief, but a core value.