Ever start your day off feeling like nothing is going right and no matter what you do everything just goes wrong?  Maybe you’re on a deadline and nothing is working out and you snap at a co worker or another person? Then it happens, someone holds the door for you or smiles and says” Have a great Day! “ Suddenly things don’t seem that bad and you start to think things are ok.

A big part of a Service Tech’s job just isn’t to fix the copier; it is to fix the customer.  Sometimes with the everyday grind a copier that decides to misbehave can turn even the nicest person’s smile in to a frown, that’s where fixing the customer comes into play. Politeness, attentiveness to the customers needs, a friendly disposition, and a big smile will go a long way to making things better even if the machine isn’t 100%.

customer service

Customer service is the key to our success.  We try to make it a part of our day to day culture, service before, during, and probably most important of all, after the sale.

So the next time a repairman comes out to repair anything you call about, I hope they have the same priorities we have at Corporate Business Systems……. To leave you with a smile!