by Janet Akers

Fact  – most copiers make black marks or colored marks on white paper.  When you purchase a copier system, you are buying much more than a piece of equipment.   The lowest price on a multi-functional product doesn’t mean that you are going to “save money” or got the “best deal”. Your sales rep supports the equipment, adding to the value of your copier. The office equipment dealership is the key, too. Make sure you are choosing the right sales person and business when you make an office equipment purchase.  

What?……   Why?……

Janet AkersYou need to choose a sales rep that:

  • is tenured, and understands your business & the industry. 
  • plans to stick around and take care of your account rather than make a quick buck.
  • would rather “sit on your side of the table” and help you make the best decision for your company than make a sale.
  • takes pride in his/her reputation.
  • feels his/her job starts after the sale!
  • takes pride in the community and participates in community events.
  1. Office Equipment Dealership:

Why Corporate Business Systems?

  • Locally owned and involved in the Community for 18 years
  • Certified “Pros Elite Top 100” Dealer.   The national recognition reflects our strategy to produce one of the most customer obsessed, responsive, and productive companies in the Office Imaging Industry.
  • Over 1.2 million in locally housed equipment, parts and supplies in inventory which allows us to expedite delivery of all our products and services.
  • 3 full time Microsoft Certified System Engineers on staff to insure the proper implementation, training, support, and financial return on your investment in these technologies.
  •  Lifetime training – only vendor with a full time Customer Support Rep dedicated to providing initial and on-going training to insure your staff’s proper utilization of the equipment.
  • More than a 1-800 number!!!    Call our office and you get a real person!   Walk into our office and have access to our Owner, President, Sales Manager, Service Manager, Leasing Coordinator, Service Dispatcher, and Contracts Administrator.   AND, we will offer you something to drink!
  • Walk into our “state of the art” demo floor and actually touch the product that you are considering  to purchase.
  • check out how our technicians are trained, dispatched, and what type of inventory they carrywith them on a daily basis
  • Risk Free Decision – our “Total Satisfaction Guarantee” allows you to cancel your CBS lease (with no obligation) if we ever fail to meet our mutually agreed upon equipment and service benchmarks.

Corporate Business Systems is “the” sophisticated and professional office equipment vendor to work with.

Corporate Business Sytems is a “safe” solution.

Products.    People.    Savings.   Solutions.