For business minded people, words like savings, security, service, ease of use, increased productivity, & images of snazzy high tech equipment, etc. usually catch their attention. How do you get the attention of your potential customer?

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Depending on the industry, businesses use different kinds of marketing/selling techniques to gain customers. The fashion industry uses their version of beautiful people & the latest trendy clothes along with brand names to catch society’s attention, particularly women. The motorcycle industry entices people to buy their products using high performance bikes & aftermarket parts that provide speed & power, with reputable brand names to back it up.

Have you noticed how some companies use attraction between the sexes to market/sell their product? Take for instance a fast food chain’s commercial showing a scantily clad woman eating what they’ve dubbed a ‘man sized’ burger; they tend to focus on how the burger will fill a man’s stomach & rely on men’s attraction to a woman to make him feel as if he’ll attract women & be a ‘man’s man’ if he buys their burger. The same technique is used by a popular car care product company & a famous race car driver; when the driver uses their product, it shows him staring at his car in awe after use of the product while women hang on & kiss him, leading their market-in this case men-to believe if they use it this will happen to them.

There are many types of marketing/selling techniques to catch the eye of potential customers, & the key points to focus on are what is most important to your customer. Most business people are overrun with work, don’t have much time to invest in tedious details, & need your message to them to be easily understood so they can make an informed decision quickly. Ever hear the phrase ‘KISS’, or ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’? ‘Nuff said; if you keep it simple, you’ve made a smart move.

Ask your customers what’s important to them, then listen & take note of what they say. Research how your company can address those issues, & show your customer how you can fulfill their needs. If you sell copier equipment, while a cool looking high tech machine may sell itself in your eyes, the customer needs to know what it does, & more importantly, how it will meet their business needs. If you want to achieve a win/win-you get a sale & save the day for your customer-pay attention to them & do your homework…know your customer. Do they want a copier that’s easy to use, will save them money, increase production, & secure their data? Find out what they need & get your game plan for showing them why they want to buy from YOU!