More time, productivity, revenue, simple document management, space, a one stop shop & service…is that about right?

managed print servicesWhether you step into the technology age via a simple copier or high tech multifunction unit, upgrade your current system, or make an investment in Managed Print Services (MPS), all of these options can benefit your business in many valuable ways by bringing business & technology together.

Consider these pro’s & con’s:

Advantages of CBS products/services:

  • Save money-even with initial startup cost, short & long term cost effectiveness outweigh cost of outdated paper system & can be micromanaged
  • Allows for more productivity given time saving factor
  • Have an advantage over your competition by having the latest technology to perform at your peak ability
  • Save time-most tasks done with few steps or clicks-huge amounts of data at your fingertips
  • Save space-enormous amounts of info stored on computer/CDs/portable drives, etc. instead of in large & heavy filing cabinets where info is hard to locate quickly & easily
  • Portablility
  • Can backup info
  • Can share & edit info quickly & easily if needed
  • Taking part in the new types of technology shows you are savvy with what’s current & able to adapt to change
  • Choose from hardware such as copiers, printers, multifunction machines that can fax/copy/scan/print all in one, postage machines, etc., for all types of needs
  • Choose software & accessories that simplify, protect, manage, etc. for all types of applications

Disadvantages of outdated paper system or older technology:

  • Outdated equipment can mean incompatibility in some instances
  • More expensive-cost for paper, file cabinets, locks, folders, dividers
  • Hard to manage
  • Slows productivity
  • Time consuming
  • Paper waste
  • Takes up space
  • Not as secure
  • Not as portable
  • More to recycle
  • Data not as easily or quickly shared & edited

Make the decision to change. Change is inevitable-make it work in your favor. Let us help you choose the right system for your business.