Okay, we’ve all been there. I have 15 minutes for lunch so I turn into the nearest fast food dive. I give my order to the talking box, drive up to the next two windows, get my meal and split to my lunch getaway parking lot for a few minutes of talk radio or to decompress. The bite of microwaved burger requires a quick shot of my drink to reduce the chance of blistering the roof of my mouth. But, as I look through the bag, there is no straw!! Really, are you kidding me? How am I supposed to drink without a straw? How could they forget something that miniscule, that simple? By now, I am peeved at the burger joint AND I have to make those weird breaths where you feel like you are actually blowing off the food that is still in your mouth.

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So, I take the lid off the drink and guzzle it half down thinking of how inconvenienced I’ve been (can you say high maintenance?). I feel like they just don’t care about quality customer care-and I am the quality customer they just don’t care about! That got me thinking. Do we forget to give our clients ‘the straw’? What are our quality customer care ‘straws’? What little thing-if left out or ignored-would force a similar reaction with one of our clients? Because I drink too much chai tea, I even went as far as to create an acronym for STRAW’s (Simple Things Really Aggravating Without).

Of the entire cost to make the meal, the straw has to be the least expensive component, but without it, I could not fully enjoy their product. As a customer driven organization, what simple thing keeps our clients from fully enjoying us? A phone call not returned in a timely manner? Having a client that spends thousands of dollars a month with us put on credit hold for a $30 open invoice? Not knowing key information about a new prospect before making an initial sales call on the CEO? Having a competitor introduce MPS to one of our key clients? Not having a $3 part in inventory?

Let’s get real. For $5, I expect to repeat my order at least twice to the talking box, have the person taking my money taking the order of the car behind me, and on a good day, maybe get a thank you without any eye contact from the person handing me my meal. However, we ask our clients for significant sums of money and long term contractual engagements. In many instances, if our product is not working correctly, our customer’s revenue is impacted. As we continue to forge our way into the world of Managed Print Services, we must know what those new potential straws are if we want to successfully navigate the thirsty waters of MPS without us-or our newest customers-getting burned along the way.

If you feel your current office solution vendor has left you without a straw too many times, you are interested in hearing more about MPS or want to learn of the many CBS ‘S.T.R.A.W.’s’ we make available to our clients, we would be happy to take your order!