Before you pull the trigger with an MPS vendor who has you all excited about the cost savings and efficiency gains MPS delivers, make sure their process includes more than just pulling device (meter) data.New Picture (2) Critical user data must compliment any device data if a complete and comprehensive snapshot of your environment is to be accomplished and end user productivity secured. The problem, in some cases, is your MPS vendor may not have the proper tools required to expeditiously deliver this information back to you. So, here are 11 quick questions that any MPS vendor you engage should be able to answer about your end users’ printing and document needs:

1) Who are your largest users of your printing devices?

2) When are your largest jobs produced and by whom?

3) Who are the largest volume users of color within your organization and why?

4) Who is printing during your peak printing days and at what times of day?

5) Where are the devices these high volume users print to located?

6) What is the total usage being produced by user?

7) What is your printing costs per user across the company?

8) What local printers are being utilized and by whom?

9) What is your user per device ratio?

10) What current printing guidelines are being adhered to, which are not, and by whom?

11) What users may be in non-compliance with what is being printed?

(My suggestion is to ask how they will acquire this information on your behalf before you commit to an engagement).

Corporate Business Systems’ MPS (Managed Print Services) specializes in assisting IT uncover and collect both the device and user data and in doing so, ultimately answer the above questions. When you engage us and agree to our “Quic View” process, we provide all the tools and resources to present back to you a precise and detailed snap shot of your current document environment with minimal time and zero cost to you or your team.  Interested in learning more? Click here and download our resource guide on our Quic View  process.

Click here to see a quick video on one of our recent IT clients who proudly proclaims to be “out of the printer business!”

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