Blog by Roger Collins

Have you ever wondered what a sales person does all day? We have all thought” I bet I could do that job”. All they do is play golf and goof off all day. And you know they make way more money than they deserve especially for working half a day.


The truth is I have done both service and sales in the office equipment business since 1984 and the sales job is a lot more time consuming than the service. I am not trying to say that one or the other is better or more important, I am just saying. The service and sales force here at Corporate Business Systems work has a team. We help each other and when we do it makes both jobs easier and most importantly makes for some very happy customers. You really can’t have a successful business relationship with any company unless you do what’s best for the customer. That is the most important thing to remember whether you are servicing a copy machine or selling a printer. And I think we do it very well.

I have spent five days out of the last two weeks delivering, training and installing 18 Kyocera MFP’s to various towns in Boone, Searcy, Baxter, Marion, Van Buren and Newton counties in Arkansas. We met here in Harrison Arkansas, where I am based, to split up the machines. The initial delivery and training in Mt. Home, Norfolk, Cotter, Yellville, Flippin, Bruno and Alpena Arkansas was done by our delivery driver, Adam. He is not what comes to mind when you think of a delivery driver. He is very capable of setting the machine up and even attaching it to your network to print. “Smarter than your average bear”. The customer service rep., Chanon, and I delivered the machines to Valley Springs, Western Grove, St. Joe, Marshall, Jasper, Clinton and Shirley Arkansas. We had gotten this business from a not for profit company using special pricing from our manufacturers. Both Kyocera and Savin provide great products and prices for not for profits, churches, schools and such. I went back by the next week to see if they had any more questions and follow up training. The end users were thrilled with the space savings. This one machine took the place of their copy machine, fax machine and printer. And it even has a standard USB port that allows you to scan to, or print from, your thumb drive, some people call them flash drives, but no matter what you call it, it was very impressive to the end users. This customer already had 6 of these MFP’s out in their offices for a year so they know how reliable and cost effective they are.


We believe we are bringing a new and better way to do business to Northern Arkansas. Please call us and let us show why so many businesses are making the change to Corporate Business Systems.