Today, most offices have at least one multi-function printer that all or most employees can print to.  These MFP’s have a lower cost to operation than the small inkjet or laser printers.

The plan is usually to put the MFP in place and hope everyone uses it instead of their desktop printers…because as you know, saving their employer money is first and foremost on their mind!

Option two is to send your IT staff through the office and collect all the printers so that nobody has a choice…this always goes over well and creates no water cooler rumblings.

Today we an option three!  There are a few solutions to choose from but for this blog I am speaking specifically about a New Picture (4)product  called PCS Director.  This solution brings a host of solutions specifically designed to control, analyze, audit and track printing.  This software solution server based with client licensing.  The client portion can be pushed down to the end users pc’s for easy and low cost installation.

Scenario #1…John in accounting has an inkjet printer at his desk which is okay when used for 1 to 3 page print jobs.  In an effort New Picture (5)to keep the cost down you would like them to send any print jobs larger than that over to the nearest color MFP or laser printer.  Monday morning John opens a 3 page spreadsheet and chooses to print 5 sets to his inkjet printer.  PCS Director immediately shows a message window on his screen…”per company policy any print jobs larger than three pages should be directed to the color MFP in the ACCT dept”.  The job is cancelled and John will need to resend it to the correct device.   Seem harsh?  If you want to give John the option, you can enable his ability to override the message.  This override is tracked so if need be, his constant overriding can be reviewed and discussed in order to correct his behavior or his printer.

New Picture (6)

Scenario #2…Amy in sales has decided it is time to go job hunting so while on her company computer, on company time she polishes up her resume and sends it to the printer at her desk.  PCS Director will monitor the name of the print job and notify administration if certain key words are found.  If the employer knows of Amy’s desire to job search it can be addressed proactively!

Scenario #3…An engineering firm is printing & plotting a variety of pages for a variety of clients.  At each print or plot, a window will open and ask for the job name and/or client number so the New Picture (7)job can be accounted for.  At month end, PCS Director can generate statements showing what each client should be billed based on what was printed on their behalf.  This could be used for simple internal departmental billing, law firm’s client billing, etc.

The short story is that you have options.  You don’t have to be the villain and can “nudge” your staff towards cost saving behavior.

This solution is capable of so much more than we can even scratch the surface on in a blog.  If you find yourself in need of modifying your end users printing behavior, please do not hesitate to contact Corporate Business Systems.