Blog by:  Roger Collins                                                  Belt tightening

In today’s unstable economic times many of us have to “tighten our belts”. We have watched our neighbors, friends and family join in. Even our government has made an attempt to do this, as painful as it is to watch, it is something that everybody must do.

When I am talking to clients a phrase I hear most is, “we need to control our cost”.  They are telling me some of the steps describe the imagethey are taking internally to do this. One of the most common ways is to make sure their fleet of company vehicles are in top running order. The cost to operate this fleet of vehicles is usually determined by their accounting department. They know how much they are paying for the vehicle. They know how much insurance cost them etc…

Then they turn and ask me how I can help them “control cost”.  I share with them our MPS story. MPS is an acronym for Managed Print Services. The interesting part of MPS is learning the true cost of their print environment. Most companies do not know how much they are printing on their printers or the cost of doing so. We can help!! describe the image

By allowing us to be a consultant, we can show them how to control cost of one of the last unknown cost in today’s business climate. We can show you how to print to your printers or multi functional products in most cost effective way.

Let Corporate Business Systems show you how to save time and money with managed print services.