Print on demand using a MFP, multifunctional product. What does this mean?  Well, it’s much like movies on demand; watch a movie when you want, print when you want.  Do not be a prisoner of your local print company. 

1st Advantage:  You can store any document you create on your MFP.  Anyone in your office can have access, let’s say, to the company brochure or the company catalog.  You are out of the office and a client calls and needs a brochure with your contact info on it or the front lobby needs brochures.  There is no need for anyone to access your computer; anyone in your office can print the document that has been saved on your MFP.

2nd Advantage:  The document files can be accessed by the individuals that you want to give access to.  Example:  The human resource director is holding a new employee orientation.  She needs someone in her department to print two more employee handbooks.  There is no need for anyone to access her computer or office.  The system, for this particular document,  is set to be available to print only by the human resource department.

3rd. Advantage:  Why send out your printing needs when your MFP can do the trick?  Create a full color brochure on a Kyocera 4550ci;

kyocera 4550ci 5550ciCreate a company calendar with folding and stapling capabilities on your Savin c4040.   Example:  You’re a non-profit that wants to print calendars to sell. In order to get an affordable price you must order 1,000 copies for the print shop.  With a Savin C4040 you can print calendars as you need them.  You can use 11×17 heavy stock paper and print in full color, fold and staple!  You can save pennies on the dollar, not to mention time! And the quality is impeccable!

Corporate Business Systems of Northwest Arkansas says the decision is easy: Print on Demand!