Historically we have referred to ourselves as “copier salesmen/women”.  Our job was to knock on doors, find out who was in charge of buying copiers and doing our best to be considered when that purchase was made.  Today you will find this “selling the box” approach still exists and works for the shrinking office equipment vendor.  This is the approach of the past.

As office equipment technology has continued to become more feature rich and workflow focused the sales rep role has changed significantly.  To simply push a copier is to do your client a disservice.  R & D for the office equipment industry has shifted to the production of apps, widgets, software solutions and third party software partnerships.  If your sales rep doesn’t understand these solutions AND your business, how are they to help you truly improve your operation?

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At Corporate Business Systems we focus on the constant education of our sales department in the “solutions” product offerings.  We task our associates with not only know who, what, when and why they would sell these solutions but also to truly investigate their clients’ needs.  We must not only understand our business but we must also understand yours!  This approach is not for all clients.  Some businesses simply do not want to invest the time nor do they trust the opinion of the typical “copier guy” they have grown used to over the years.

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Corporate Business Systems targets a phased solution sale.  First, investigate your client’s current method of operation and discover the areas they realize and DON’T REALIZE are ripe for improvement.  Many times the initial phase is focused on tracking the usage of existing equipment and those associated costs.  Next, we provide a solution that targets what is seen as the primary objective…perhaps a broken system needs to be replaced…the need for basic scanning to address new industry regulations…reduction of a costly print process.

With all of the solutions we have at our disposal, we try not to overwhelm the initial phase and focus on the primary objectives.  Once we have successfully implemented our primary solution and allow the end users to become accustom we are then in a position to engage in the enhanced and targeted offerings.  These range from software solutions that manage printing through specific “rules”, enhanced scanning workflow solutions that will integrate directly with the clients existing day to day operations but remove multiple steps and human error, monitoring solutions which assist in recouping costs and enhancing your ability to strategically manage the devices and users on your network, and many more.

Our goal is to engage and partner with those organizations who wish to utilize a trained, empathetic and partnership focused organization.   Certainly we can handle the quick copier sale however, you should expect our associates to be focused on discovering a more in depth understanding of your business and looking for targeted solutions that will improve your ability to grow, compete and differentiate you from your competition.