Blog by Dylan Peltier

What is the worst part of school? Most educated people would say tests…Right? Well not only do students dislike the tests, but teachers hate having to grade them as well.  Educators today spend valuable time grading monotonous multiple choice tests aka “bubble sheet tests.”  Corporate Business Systems now has a solution to this problem, Teaching Assistant, which works through any Kyocera Mita MFP product enabled with HyPAS.

Teaching AssistThe old method of creating these   bubble sheet tests was to go to the store and buy expensive preprinted forms.  Then after the students have taken the test and the teacher has made an answer key he or she has to manually grade each sheet.  This process is

very time consuming as well as costly for the schools who are already dealing with major budget decreases.

Let Corporate Business Systems help improve this process while keeping in mind your school’s budget.  Teaching assistant automatically prints answer sheets, grades the tests, and collects and analyzes test results all in a matter of a few minutes!  Student ID bubbles may also be added.   Included in the comprehensive report:

  • How students faired
  • Difficultness of test
  • The questions that were incorrectly answered the most

These results can then be printed, e-mailed, or saved as a PDF file to a USB for paperless documentation saving toner, paper and waste.

This application leaves the teacher with more time to dedicate to the curriculum and classroom activities as well as improved student performance.  Teaching assistant also ensures accuracy while also keeping the integrity of the students’ privacy as first priority. Once an application is completed all documents are deleted from MFP, and neither a computer nor a backend server is needed to run this application.

Other organizations can take advantage of Teaching Assistant as well such as training.  With the development of Teaching Assistant by Kyocera, Corporate Business Systems can produce solutions to streamline workflow and insure consistent profitable growth through the implementation of leading edge technologies.

Click on this link to view a short video on how easy this application is to use: