Blog by Julie L’Huillier

Today I was fortunate enough to gain more knowledge about our company products.   Corporate Business Systems has a beautiful showroom/demo room with systems such as the Kyocera 3050ci, Kyocera 4550ci,Savin 9155, Savin Pro C901 and many others.


The systems can seem intimidating; however companies such as Kyocera and Savin have made the products very user friendly.  Today, I trained on the Kyocera 4550ci/5550ci.  These MFP’s or multi-functional products are fast and produce high quality color prints, but they also have smaller features.  For instance, both these systems have an Eco Print option.  This option allows you to use less toner; use this mode when high quality printing is not necessary, for example, trial printing.  Another great feature of the Kyocera’s is Bi-Folding and Tri-Folding;  this eliminates additional office equipment, such as a folding machine.  You can print and fold a mass mailing all at the same time!  These are  just two examples of the many options available, for more information on this product or any others please call and speak to one of our sales representatives.  And don’t forget as a current or future customer to take advantage of our customer support system.  Chanon Short, our customer service representative, can show you how to do anything.  We are very blessed to have her.  We are available for all of your training needs!