Blog by Jan Caskey of Corporate Business Systems

Good customer service…when you hear these words, what do you think?  For some it always seems to coincide with a bad experience.  Or people sometimes wonder where has customer service gone?  Or, why should we say anything, no one cares anyway.

We believe in the old adage that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason, we are to listen twice as much as we speak.  Most customer service issues can be solved by simply listening to the concern and then acting accordingly.  Sometimes, all it takes is a listening ear to calm the customer; people want to know that someone cares, and that they simply aren’t just a number.  We need to be sure to listen carefully, don’t interrupt, and usually by the time they are finished explaining the problem they already feel better.


Our philosophy is customer first and company second.  We try to listen and then act.  We also try to be proactive instead or reactive.  The best thing to do is to put ourselves in our customers’ position and figure out how we would feel and then respond.  We need to always act in a way that will result in a happy customer.  Happy customers=referrals=more happy customers. People usually talk about a bad experience more than they talk about a good one.

Customer service is the cornerstone of Corporate Business Systems and we promise that we will always strive for our customers’ experiences with us to be pleasant ones, and that you will hear a smile over the phone, see a smiling face and professional and respectful attitude when in contact with our service team and sales professionals.

A dying art…maybe, but one that we still practice.