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Most companies CEO’s, CFO’s, and management alike would say “No, of course not!”  However, having 15 years of sales experience, it is the #1 response I hear when I don’t win the bid, is your organization experiencing the same thing?

Of course price is important, why would someone pay more for the same things?  How do you evaluate or associate what value is best related and indicative of products, service, and yes, even salespeople?   Well the answer is simple.  I know get ready….

If the price was the same, who would you prefer to go with?

At Corporate Business Systems, we have been successful in the office equipment industry for over 18 years.  We strive to be the best in our industry and feel like the last few years have proven that to be the case with unprecedented growth compared to our competition.  We have won major manufacturer awards from Savin and Kyocera and some local high value awards like Small Business of the Year from the Chamber of Commerce.

But again, how do you differentiate?  If price weren’t the issue, then what is?  Is it the size of the company?  How about their length of existence?  Of course reputation is vital.  It’s similar to how do you know where the best place to eat is in a small town you have never been too?  Easy, look for all the cars at a local diner, and that must be the place.

Look at the company’s client base that should tell a lot.  Also, if you ask a biased salesperson, one major key is the employees.  Not just their credentials, or even experience, but if you get the chance to meet some of the staff, what is the general feeling?  Do they like each other, and do they seem to get along?  If you choose to deal with that company, then it only stands to reason this is essential, right?

Most importantly, what kind of turnover do they have?  In our industry, I have been with CBS over 5 years, in my tenure, we have had only one local position hired for.  3 sales reps in 5 years…and the new guy is doing great and not going anywhere.  We have had the same rep in St Robert for much longer than I have been around, and in Branson and Harrison for a few years now too.  Ask your vendor, how many sales reps they have had in the past 5 years, most probably can’t even tell you.  It says something about a company’s culture and potential growth, don’t you agree??