In a market hard hit by the economic downturn? Tired on hearing “Can’t afford to do it right now”? Well, take a lesson from Batman and Robin – Team Up! Partner up with your local Managed Print Services sales associate. Why? Because they are out there providing average savings of 20 – 30% on your prospects’ printing and document expenses.  When you consider most companies spend between 2 to 6% of their total revenues on the creation, storage, retrieval, and distribution of their documents, the savings MPS creates can free up the needed funds for YOUR product or service within an existing (or even shrinking) budget.
Doing some quick math, a company with $20 million in total revenues that averages 4% on their documents spends $80,000 a year. With an average savings of 25%, the MPS engagement would free up $20,000 per year. So, riddle me this…Would your solution fit this window? Would you not also be seen by your prospect as creative, a true solutions consultant? Do you think your competition is coming to the table with such a unique approach?

Working together (cut to Batman and Robin climbing up the side of a building with the Batrope!) you now offer your prospect a POWW! to their bottom line as well as yours! Holy Commissions Batman! So, get out of your economic Batcave Alfred and engage your local MPS provider to help close your sales…If you would like to know how Corporate Business Systems can help, give me shout back. No beacons please, we try to work days only.