Blog by Alison Zeisler

Have you ever had a moment in your life, literally where the light bulb goes on, suddenly the fog of clouded thinking has begun to clear? When everything that has caused your brain to swell with stress and confusion is suddenly gone? It’s one of those genius, super human, Albert Einstein, the world as you know it has changed, you finally have somehow solved the mystery that has eluded your clear thinking and positive attitude…. YESSSSSSS moments….Okay maybe I am getting carried away with myself here, but this last week I had just such a moment. 

By day, I am a sales woman, carving my way through the world of office equipment and new technology in the Joplin, Mo and Kansas area. I focus everyday on finding ways to provide potential customer and customer alike with a solution that can make your workplace more efficient. I have been with Corporate Business Systems Joplin for about 6 months. I love it but as always when starting a new career in a NEW community. I have had a lot to learn to get my feet on the ground. I have spent hours at events in the Joplin community, networking, building relationships with business professionals for not only myself, but for Corporate Business Systems.

By night, I am a mom. I do it all or try to! I think the term is called ‘Soccer Mom’ but I prefer a different term  “School homework teacher, Baseball loving, hockey cheering, basketball dunking, football dancing, boy scout adventurer, taxi driving, #1 fan, best friend Mom” Soccer Mom just seems so limited….HAHA  

Being a full time Mom, with a full time job and really a full time life, leaves little time to think or reflect on things. With all the rewards or a great career with Corporate Business Systems and a happy, active 10 years old. At times your brain goes into over load. Next thing you know, I’m taking a baseball glove to a sales appt and a briefcase to the hockey game. Seriously that seems extreme but I think we have all had a time in our life we have felt that way.

Recently, a friend suggested that I take time a few times a week for myself a creative/ artistic hobby of some sort, something artistic, creative, something that forces you to use a different side of your brain to process information through different channels. Her reasoning for this suggestion was that if I give the other side of my brain a break a rest period per say I might…and I quote “not be such an airhead.”   I laughed because artistic is not something I consider myself to be. I am the girl that in school when drawing the teacher had to remind me people have 5 fingers, not 3.


I decided to paint a picture on a large piece of canvas (24×36); I soon discovered that doing this is like climbing Mt. Everest when you can’t make it up the trail in the Ozark Mountains without getting winded. Nevertheless, I had a goal so I was going to do it. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. In fact, I was a little nervous to attempt such a project but I figured being the next great artist was not my goal but that creativity, thinking with the left side of my brain and letting the right take a nap was the goal I needed to focus on.  Forcing myself to step out of the “comfort thinking box” and work in the “uncomfortable thinking box”


I started on my painting a few weeks ago. Every day or when I had a free moment I would work on it. Slowly but surely my painting started to take form. Granted I messed up and had to re adjust my plan along the way but when I finally finished to my amazement, I had created something beautiful. I hung the picture on the wall of my bedroom and I just would stare at it in amazement. Not because of the actual picture but because it was something totally new to me. I had never done anything like that before and yet my lack of experience did not keep me from creating something great.

 Alison Blog2

I started thinking about the process I had taken to create a 24X36 piece of artwork. I started to write down the steps I had to take to get the job done and to be proud of the work I had done. I started to relate that to my new career at Corporate Business Systems in Joplin…..   THEN IT HIT ME!!! WOW!!

My friend was right all along, pulling myself out of the “comfort thinking box” I had grown so accustomed to working within. Even now it seems so simple; it comes down to this….. In life, professional or personal pull yourself out of the comfort zone. FORCE yourself to do your daily task different then you did the day before. Routine in life is definitely important, too much routine can damage the creative abilities you already have within yourself to do something GREAT!!  It’s been a week now since my simple yet life altering “out of the box thinking”.

I changed my approach with some of the business in Joplin that I have been wanting to meet with but have been unable to do so. So with my new found knowledge I made a list of  businesses in Joplin I wanted to meet with the list was long so I decided to make a “top 15 accounts list” I called each one of them. Out of 15 prospects I called on I was able to set appointments with 12 of them to discuss solutions CBS can offer. EXCITING!!

Just like the painting small steps, change of thinking, and a positive attitude can help you to do things you didn’t think you could do.