I was looking through some old letters and documents that we have received and I saw this one and thought it was definitely worth sharing.  We feel the same way about this associate and it is high time we shared this letter with our readers as well.  I will type it word for word.

April 6, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

After 30 years in education and 17 years as the Director of Technology, I am retiring.  As a result of this retirement, I believe that there are some things that I need to “clean-up” prior to my departure.  One of those tasks is a long overdue letter to your organization.

For several years now, I have had the pleasure of working with Corporate Business Systems as a vendor to our district for both Kyocera printers and Savin copiers.  Your company has always been a pure joy to work with!  NEVER has there been an issue that was not quickly resolved and in a very pleasant manner.  Your company sells a quality product, but more importantly, you have quality people behind that product.  A mere product will not win my esteem, for many companies offer the same products.  But the people that work for Corporate Business Systems do deserve my respect and confidence!

A large part of this pleasant experience has been due to my working relationship with Mr. Shane Goforth.  He exemplifies what I’m sure you want Corporate Business Systems to represent, an organization selling a great product with quality people to support it.  Shane has often worked me through technical issues both over the phone and in person, even though I know that is not really his job.  But more importantly, he has done it with the patience of Job.  He is knowledgeable and exact.  He is able to make you feel that you are the most important customer, not just to him, but to your entire organization.

thank you bodies

So please allow me to take a moment to say “Thank You!”  Thank you for realizing that selling a good product alone is not what your customers want or need.  Thank you for knowing that people really do make a company great!  Thank you for employing people just like Shane Goforth to represent you.  Even though I am retiring, I will always be a supporter of Corporate Business Systems.


Mrs.  Lisa J. Brandt

Director of Technology

Dixon R-I School District


We were very humbled by this letter and have made it our commitment to continue to offer quality service not just to Dixon R-I School District but to all our customers.  Thank you Shane for another job well done.