Blog by Rick Byrd

I was watching survivor last week when Jeff asked a question to the tribe that was about to vote off one of their members. He asked, would you rather have a team of 12 strong individual workers that don’t get along with each other or have 12 members not as strong but they get along with each other and work very well together? One of the contestants wanted the 12 stronger workers because he thought that the weaker workers would have more of a tendency to stand around and talk. I guess that’s one way to look at it, even though I never thought of it that way.  The only thing I know as a former manager is that it sure makes your job a lot more complicated, when you have 12 very talented people doing the same job 12 different ways.


This same question can be applied to any company or department. Are we better off having 12 strong individuals selling or servicing on their own or would it be better to have 12 people that are willing to take the time to share their knowledge and ability with each other to make the whole team more profitable to them? Here at Corporate Business Systems we believe in teamwork and the sharing of ideas.

Some people would say you should keep your ideas, short cuts and cost cutting ideas to yourself .This will make you a more valuable employee. I like the thought of sharing what works for me from cost cutting ideas to easier, quicker ways of getting things done. I believe that makes our department more valuable to the company and more able to compete in the game of business. If that makes us weaker individuals because now we all have the same knowledge, that’s fine with me, knowing that the company is stronger for it.

On the television show survivor one person is trying to be the last one on the island and in doing so winning a million dollars. The one question we have to ask ourselves is do we want to be the most valuable individual or do we want to be part of the most valuable company in the world.  Can competition inside the tribe or company or department be dangerous? Or can competition between two tribes or companies or departments be very productive.

I believe it can be both, but if managed well it can benefit everyone and the company. The key is to keep that competitive drive going and turn the in your face attitude toward your competitors and tap into the drive and determination to encourage other team members to pick up their game.

So who do you want to be known as………