If you are or ever have been a business to business sales professional this should sound a little familiar.  I recently spent the day in the field making sales calls with one of the sales representatives on my team with Corporate Business Systems.  We were having a pretty good day with a couple of appointments and we mixed in several “cold calls” that had produced some interest.  It was a beautiful day and spirits were high for both of us.  After out second appointment we walked in to a local business down the street for our last appointment.  As we entered you could see the look of disappointment on the face of the receptionist at this office, uh oh, she was going to have to deal with a couple of salesmen.   Over the next couple minutes she rather rudely made it clear that her company had no need for anything we might be selling and there was no chance we were going to get contact information for her boss much less be allowed to meet with him.  What was worse about the situation is that the type of business we called on was one that likely had business to business sales team. 

Sound familiar?  Of course this has happened to me many times but I felt compelled to write about the value of a good sales person brings to a customer, which I think is many times the overlooked component in many transactions.  This is likely true for all B2B sales people but strikes me as especially true in the Office Equipment world, which is fast changing technology that can incorporate complicated solutions.

So why is the sales representative important when you are considering a new MFP, printer or other type of office equipment?  Consider this:

  • Are you or other members of your organization experts in office equipment technology? 
  • Have you ever made a poor purchasing decision because of lack of knowledge about copiers, MFP or printer technology?  Has that decision cost you more money in service and supplies because it wasn’t the right product for the job?
  • What was your source for information about these products?  The internet?  Commercials or advertising?  How reliable is this information?

Good Office Equipment Sales reps bring value to any transaction.  They are the experts of the office equipment industry, so they become the needed consultant of an important purchase.  Good sales representatives are also the much needed manager of your account after the sale. The best ones know they have to live with results of the office technology they have recommended so they have the best interest of the client as their objective. They are problem solvers, they are researchers for latest office technology, solutions and products.

I know not every company achieves the status of having consultative sales reps and many do not try.  At Corporate Business Systems it is certainly our goal.  I believe we have a team of sales reps that continually strive to be consultative.  We have 3 team members that have been with Corporate Business Systems for more than 10 years.  We have 3 team members that have been in the office equipment industry for over 20 years and 4 more that have 10 years of tenure. 


What does this mean to you?  At Corporate Business Systems we think it means a pleasant experience when you choose a product from CBS.  It means you get great value instead of just a great price.  It means you get the right product for the job.  It means you have been made aware of the latest solutions and technologies to make your business more efficient and profitable.