Over the many years I have worked in the office equipment industry the concept of customers keeping their copiers and MFP’s under a Total Service and Supply (TSS) agreement has evolved to an era where 90 + percent of these devices are under such an agreement.  This has been the standard for more than 20 years.  The value and justification I have espoused is as follows:

  • If you own or lease a copier or MFP there will be ongoing cost of operating this device. Parts, Supplies and maintenance will all be required.  TSS is a way to budget for this expense and pay for it monthly in a set fee rather than getting a large repair bill at an inconvenient time.
  • Systems under TSS contract get the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance when it is required.  Customers do not put up with nuisance problems they know the system will be maintained properly.  This typically increases both the customer satisfaction and the life of the system.
  • TSS is also an insurance policy.  Today’s systems are very reliable but if there is a catastrophic repair needed like a bad circuit board , control panel  or hard drive you are covered on what would otherwise be a very expensive repair.

With this in mind why not the same coverage on your printers?  Traditionally we have not covered such devices on TSS type programs.  I say “Why not”.  With Corporate Business Systems MPS (Manged Print Services) program you get the same value you have had for many years on your Copier/MFP but on your fleet of printers.

The three value points listed above easily apply to most printers in today’s market and the printers can typically be put under a MPS contract that will cost less than what the average customer is paying for their supplies alone.   So what would be the hang up, the same value as I have enjoyed on my Copier/MFP contract for many years, lower cost than I currently have and more value because the MPS contract will include the service maintenance and parts needed.



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