As a user of just about any new Multi Functioning Device, did you realize anyone can either print from or scan to a standard USB device right into your copier.  Kyocera launched this technology a few years ago, and Savin also has it standard on a few new machines and options on about everything they offer now as well.

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Have you ever been frustrated with a word, excel, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, document that you have on a thumb drive or on a pc, that you need to get to someone else for review, or to have in their possession?  Well now the technology exists where you can walk up to one of our many choices of office equipment from Corporate Business Systems to and plug your flash drive right into the Savin or Kyocera machine.  At that point, depending on the manufacturer, you can dial down a level or two to a sub folder on that device, and then pick a file to print out in hardcopy form.  Problem solved.

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Option 2, you have a hard copy, and need to store it somewhere, but you either aren’t at your office, or computer, so how do you get this document back to a place where you can keep it on your hard drive?  Well instead of attempting to scan it in and weed through the scans folder on your network, or email it, or fax it where it could get lost, or caught in a spam filter, you can just save it right to your USB stick, and immediately, you now have that document to take anywhere you need to?  Does this sound convenient?  Could this save you some time?

This technology is a simple standard option on some equipment or a very inexpensive option on most others.  It can save time, frustration, and help you remain on the cutting edge of technology.