Blog by Dylan Peltier

I had a customer last week that I had given a proposal to which led to a week trial of the MFP I presented. The customer was extremely pleased with the performance and functionality of the machine, but there was one thing holding them back from a final purchase. The customer had found the same model and brand of copier that I presented to her for $400 cheaper online. This made her think, “Why should I buy a machine for so much more if it is the exact same thing?” There is no doubt in my mind that customers are able to find cheaper machines through the internet on a daily basis, but what are you really getting with an online purchase?

When you purchase a copier from an online source it arrives to your business in a box, you then have to assemble the unit and then read a manual to set it up. 

Assembly Req

Once the machine is assembled and in the correct location you then have to load the drivers from a CD which hopefully the company has provided you with, if not you will be spending a lot of valuable time searching for one on the internet.  Let’s say everything goes rather smoothly and you have the machine set up, now what?  Well, you have to read the instruction manual which is by no means an easy read and figure out for yourself how to operate the machine. A couple months/years down the road when the machine breaks how do you get the machine replaced? Well, you have to box it up and send it back to the online company for them to fix and then send it back to you.

Not only is this not cost effective, it is timely and leaves you without a working printer for at minimum a couple days.  The reason my customer decided to go with Corporate Business Systems even though our price was a little higher was she understood the value she was receiving with her purchase.  When she purchased her machine from Corporate Business Systems we delivered the unit to her, set it up on their network and made sure that the machine was printing on their network. After this, our full-time trainer, Chanon Short, came in and showed all of the employees how to operate the machine and helped them get the most out of their MFP. This trainer is available to this company at any point, free of charge.  When the machine does go down we send service technicians out to their office and make sure that we get it fixed the first time in a quick manner.

We do not strive to be the cheapest out there, there will always be internet schemes out there for cheaper, but there was no doubt in the customer’s mind that they had made the right choice in not only buying local, but paying a little bit more for the Corporate Business System’s MFP because she knew the value her company received in return.