Blog by Roger Collins

In today’s business climate we all have to watch where our money goes. Even though we are making an effort to make better business decisions, it is not easy. When it comes to your printing needs, there are many options. You can look on line and find a copy machine, a multi-functional product, printer, scanner and the list go on. You can call your local office machine provider, or call three of them and have them bid against each other to see who has the better “deal”.

What does the best “deal” mean? It is the lowest cost? Is it the fastest machine? Is it the best name recognition? Is it the prettiest? Is it the one who can get it to you the fastest?

I have been in the office machine business for 27 years now. Most of my time has been here in Harrison Arkansas. I have serviced the machines and sold them. I have dealt with small 2 people offices’ up to the mega corporations. I have decided the best deal is not the lowest price. It is not the fastest machine or the name on the front of it or even the prettiest.

The best “deal” is the deal that provides you, the customer, with a local person who will take care of you and your machine. The one who knows how to take care of your machines properly because they are trained on your specific make and model of printer, scanner, copy machine, MFP, or even fax machines. You need somebody who knows how important the small machine in your office is. If it wasn’t needed you wouldn’t have purchased, leased or rented it. A company that knows how to help your business save money and mainstream your workflow on your output devices thru managed print services.

I have been in the north central Arkansas area for over 25 years. I know without a doubt that Corporate Business Systems is the best choice for your office machine needs. We have customers in Boone, Marion, Madison, Baxter, Carroll and Searcy counties. They range from small 17 pages per minute machines to 125 pages per minute machines. Whatever your need, we have you covered.