Blog by Greg Shaw

I initially met with the Executive Director of the Sigma House of Springfield, INC… earlier this year. She expressed an interest in reducing her overall costs associated with her document output process, that currently was made-up of multiple older HP printers and a wide assortment of MFPs. The MFPs were serviced and leased through multiple vendors and leasing companies.

We went through the regular MPS process with this potential client, the 1st walk through, the 2nd walk through, then the baseline or cost revelation meeting. She simply could not believe what their MFPs and printers were actually costing the company to operate on a monthly basis. This was partially due to having many invoices from multiple sources appear before her each month for approval, but not having true visibility in the complete sum of all of these each month.

Bottom line is that we ended up replacing all six of her MFPs, consolidating her invoices to only one a month, so no surprises for budgeting purposes. We also now provide service and supplies for all the HP printers at a reduced cost. And the big payoff for them is…we ended up reducing their over month expenses by 14 percent, or $409 to be exact.

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