Blog by Nick Quesenberry

I will admit that when I first started my career in business to business sales, I was nervous about the idea of cold-calling.  There were some rough outings that first week, but as I kept plugging along the visits began to go smoother.  As time progressed I was better suited to share information about Corporate Business Systems and Savin and  Kyocera, and our elite status as being PROs Elite Certified.

With my improved confidence and knowledge, cold-calling started to become more like a normal conversation.  I started being directed to the decision makers more frequently and with less hesitation.  Now I am beginning to see the benefits of all that hard work.  I am sending out more letters, making more phone calls, and scheduling more appointments than ever.  This process has also led to a surprising amount of positive feedback which is what I want to share today.  I had stopped into an office where they print proposals on small, desktop printers.  I shared with them my information and was pointed to the decision maker.  I sent him a letter in the mail, and he responded with this email when he received it:

“Good job on your follow-up; from one salesman to another I appreciate that.  You’re approach is great so keep with that.  If I ever need some equipment I will give you a call.  Take care.”

Although it has not led to a sale yet, it goes to show that our process works.  We are not out to bother, annoy, or pressure anyone into anything.  We only want to share our knowledge and experience in the office imaging industry with those who need help acquiring and utilizing that equipment.  Corporate Business Systems is here to help, and, I believe, we are putting ourselves in the best position to succeed.